Jackie Fielder

Jackie Fielder is an Indigenous, Latina, renter, organizer, and politician who helped to found the San Francisco Defund DAPL Coalition & the San Francisco Public Bank Coalition.

She has worked on a wide variety of campaigns, and made an inspiring corporate-free run for the CA State Senate in 2020 on a platform of a Green New Deal, a California Housing Emergency Fund, and Indigenous Wildfire Task Force. After running for state senate, she founded Daybreak Political Action Committee, to support other corporate-free candidates at the state level in California, empower voters to advocate for bold policies, and to provide mutual aid to renters facing eviction. Jackie is based in Yelamu and is a citizen of the Three Affiliated Tribes in North Dakota.
Photo of Jackie Fielder


Bridging Government & Community Toward Land, Housing & Climate Justice
The appropriate scope of the government's role in society is a point of great debate and division. Government agencies carry the legacy of violence against and dispossession of Black, Indigenous and People of Color communities, and are often gatekeepers instead of allies, limiting the ways communities most impacted by injustice can shape consequential decisions about their neighborhoods, cities, and homelands. This can pose significant challenges to community self-determination, sovereignty, and collective vision. This session will explore the complexities of bridge building between the planet...