Eric Liang Norberg


I am a visual artist/painter/muralist that also works with three-dimensional installations and ceramic tile applications. I am also an arts educator at the high school level and assist young people to harness and utilize their radical imaginations through the visual arts/photography expression and community involvement. My art is one of the many ways that I highlight cultural awareness, the voice of the marginalized, community self-determination, and a calling for recognition of our ancestors’ resilience. A practicing Hip Hop aerosol stylewriter/artist & calligrapher for over 40 years, I’ve led and collaborated with numerous community murals, exhibitions, multi-faceted arts performances, and street actions throughout the SF Bay Area and internationally. Places like, New York, Los Angeles, Indigenous First Nation territories of the Pacific NorthWest, Cuba, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Hawai’i, Guam, Palestine, Costa Rica, Mexico, & Portugal.

It is my hope that through my images a thoughtful reflection and dialogue takes place in which there is a greater awareness of people’s common struggles that transcends race, class, and religion.