Desiree Williams-Rajee

Principal and Founder of Kapwa Consulting


Desiree Williams-Rajee established herself as a leader at the intersection of equity and environment while serving as the City of Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability’s Equity Program Manager. At the time it was the first position of its kind in the nation; her work had a national impact in public sector innovation on equity within the sustainability field. She founded Kapwa Consulting as a means to further this work, dedicated to the alignment of social equity in public administration and environmental policy. She uses her unique combination of skills in organizational development, change management, social justice organizing, and systems analysis to create customized solutions that move organizations and teams towards equitable solutions. From helping government staff to see dismantling institutional racism as a performance strategy to dismantling internalized oppression as a community empowerment strategy, her role is to help others navigate towards sustainable solutions that build community resilience

Photo of Desiree Williams-Rajee


Bridging Government & Community Toward Land, Housing & Climate Justice
The appropriate scope of the government's role in society is a point of great debate and division. Government agencies carry the legacy of violence against and dispossession of Black, Indigenous and People of Color communities, and are often gatekeepers instead of allies, limiting the ways communities most impacted by injustice can shape consequential decisions about their neighborhoods, cities, and homelands. This can pose significant challenges to community self-determination, sovereignty, and collective vision. This session will explore the complexities of bridge building between the planet...