Cathy Albisa

Cathy Albisa is the Vice President of Institutional and Sectoral Change at Race Forward, the department that houses the Government Alliance on Race and Equity and the Federal Initiative to Govern for Racial Equity, along with projects on housing, land and development.  She was the co-founder of Partners for Dignity and Rights, a social movement organization that supports visionary grassroots campaigns for economic and social rights.  She has taught at CUNY Law School and Columbia Law School, where she was the founding Associate Director of the Bringing Human Rights Home Network.  As a senior attorney at the ACLU and the Center for Reproductive Rights she has litigated constitutional cases on issues of reproductive rights, human rights and separation of church and state.  She has also published on a wide array of topics including reproductive rights, land housing,  gender justice, equal protection, and local democracy.
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DEIB: Vision, Framing, and Action in a Post-SFFA World
We have been here before. At critical inflection points throughout history, racial justice and civil rights progress has been met with well-funded and coordinated attacks that have translated into powerful backlash. So for many of us, the Supreme Court's recent decision in SFFA v. Harvard was not a surprise, but rather a culmination of decades of attempts to tether an ahistorical colorblind ideology to the Equal Protection Clause. Since the overturning of affirmative action, the various strategies to dismantle Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) efforts in higher education and the workplace...