Catherine Labiran



As a Nigerian woman who was born in New York and raised in London, Catherine Labiran is passionate about advancing human rights through poetry, advocacy and research. Catherine strives to infuse her diverse cultural experiences into exhilarating bodies of work enabling them to live lives of their own. She was selected as a winner of SLAMbassadors UK 2010, a winner of 30 Nigeria House, and was conferred the honour of writing the official Olympic Poem for London 2012 as one of London’s “12 Poets for 2012”. Catherine has worked for a number of human rights organizations including the US Human Rights Network, the Black Alliance for Just Immigration and she is currently a Program Manager for Research and Training at the Praxis Project. In 2019, Catherine was selected as a Fellow for People of African Descent by the UN’s Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights. In 2020, she was named as one of the Most Influential People of African Descent by MIPAD 100. In September 2021, she was conferred the honor of giving a keynote speech at the UN General Assembly.

Photo of Cathrine Labiran


Learning Lab: Pathways from the Climate Crisis to Justice and Belonging
A deep look at the climate crisis at this moment and how do we amplify imaginative solutions built on not leaving people behind, but on bringing everyone in? How do we co-create structures that strengthen our connection to place, ensure thriving ecological systems and health, equitably distribute power, and value the dignity of all work? Designed for: People working in nonprofits, government, and philanthropy locally and globally. People committed to social equity and belonging, with a range of perspectives, positions, and ideologies. Lab registration is open to conference participants only...