Basima Sisemore

Basima Sisemore is a researcher for the Global Justice Program at the Othering & Belonging Institute.


 Her areas of research include Islamophobia, UN human rights mechanisms, and global forced migration. Before joining the Othering & Belonging Institute, Basima was a Senior Program Specialist for the Mendocino County Public Health Department and worked with Arab community-based organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area. Basima was a Fulbright Research Fellow to Amman, Jordan.

photo of Basima Sisemore


Learning Lab: Pathways from the Climate Crisis to Justice and Belonging
A deep look at the climate crisis at this moment and how do we amplify imaginative solutions built on not leaving people behind, but on bringing everyone in? How do we co-create structures that strengthen our connection to place, ensure thriving ecological systems and health, equitably distribute power, and value the dignity of all work? Designed for: People working in nonprofits, government, and philanthropy locally and globally. People committed to social equity and belonging, with a range of perspectives, positions, and ideologies. Lab registration is open to conference participants only...
A case study: Palestine-Israel and bridging across power differences
Israel-Palestine has long been referred to as the center of the world's most intractable conflict, but is it? The case study of Palestine-Israel human rights organizing allows us to consider real world challenges of bridging: How do you bridge for the greater good when there are serious power imbalances between groups or individuals, or when you're up against overwhelming narratives that promote endless conflict? In the work for structures that include all people, what can you gain and what can you lose by bridging? How do people navigate the messiness of long-bridging, and how do group...