Ashlin Malouf

Ashlin is the Chief Formation Officer for PICO CA, a network that supports institution-based community organizing enabling people closest to systemic injustices to build power to reshape their lives and their communities.


Ashlin Malouf-Gashaw understands the simple truth that every perpetrator is a victim; until we have a society based in reconciliation, no one will be free. Transformation is birthed from healing, not punishment. This is precisely why Ashlin has dedicated the last 15 years of her life to community organizing, dialogue, anti racism work and conflict resolution. What drives her is the development and growth of people and the development and growth of herself. Ashlin does not believe people grow alone; she believes we grow through storytelling, vulnerability and sober self-reflection.

photo of Ashlin Malouf


Learning Lab: Bridging to Build Power: What does bridging look like in the real world?
What does bridging look like in the real world? What does bridging have to do with movement building or with building power? Hear from leaders about bridging communities and movements to find connections and belonging. Designed for: Community organizers, educators, culture makers, movement leaders Lab registration is open to conference participants only. After registering for the conference, you will receive a link to register for the Labs. Scholarships are available.