Aniya Butler

Aniya Butler is 15 years old and from Oakland, California. She is a spoken word poet and performer.

 Within YVA, Aniya is a Lead Circle Member, the coordinator of the Hip Hop & Climate Justice initiative, and member of the organizational management team. Aniya joined YVA because we recognize and uplift the connection between the climate justice movement and social justice movement. Climate justice is not only about stopping the progress of climate change. It's also about dismantling the systems of oppression that allowed the climate crisis to happen which are the same systems fueling the other injustices we are fighting against. Aniya wants to help rebuild a world with foundations of equity, sustainability, and love so that every living thing can truly thrive.
photo of Aniya Butler


Coming Together by Going to The Root: Youth Bridging for Climate Justice
Youth Vs. Apocalypse is a frontline youth-driven climate justice organization. Their collective action aims to lift the voices of youth, in particular youth of color and working class youth, in the fight for a livable climate and an equitable, sustainable, and just world. YVA brings together young people and adult allies by being clear that Climate change comes from the same system that has exploited people based on race, class, gender and more for generations. Join us to discuss building community, meeting people where they are, and how we decide where to put our attention.