Amy Lee

Amy Lee is an organizing member of the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project, a data-visualization, critical cartography, and multimedia storytelling collective that documents dispossession and creates tools of resistance for movement building. She also provides policy and research support to Right to the City member organizations working to stop displacement and build democratic, just, and sustainable communities.
It's a fish


Using Data to Advance Belonging without Othering
Data is powerful, allowing crucial information about the prevailing social and material realities of our world to be conveyed. It can be used to advance very different and sometimes opposing goals. Indeed, data is often leveraged to identify issues, highlight disparities, and advance solutions to pressing social problems and may even be used by social movements to empower organizing efforts and articulate the theretofore underrepresented and unarticulated social problems of their base – this represents a utilization of data ‘from below’. However, certain actors and institutions routinely use...