Alphabet Rockers


Alphabet Rockers make music that sparks change. Co-leaders Kaitlin McGaw (she/her) and Tommy Soulati Shepherd (he/him/they) are visionary artists who create a culture of belonging for all of us. Alphabet Rockers are GRAMMY-winners, 4-time GRAMMY nominees, nationally renowned children’s book authors, influential media creatives, keynote speakers, performers and commissioned songwriters for animation and other projects. 

They are resident artists and partners of esteemed programs such as Othering & Belonging Institute, Destiny Arts Center, Hiiwav Black Music Incubator and Lawrence Hall of Science. Their music and leadership is built from their combined pedigree of applied research and creative practice (Kaitlin McGaw is a Harvard University graduate in African American Studies; Tommy Shepherd is a Pacific Conservatory of Theatre graduate). Alphabet Rockers creative practice centers youth voices and asks how and what is needed to create inclusion and belonging.  Through this fifteen year collaboration, Kaitlin and Tommy are building a legacy for children's media, reaching over 5M listeners and uplifting diverse voices from our communities. 

Alphabet Rockers