Aaron Foster

Community leader working  as program manager for Advance Peace in Fresno.


My passion for the work started 8 years ago  when  I lost my son to gun violence. Tragically not long after, without necessary time to heal, I lost my daughter to gun violence 4 years later  which sent me into  overdrive, motivating my commitment to the fight to end gun violence in any form


photo of Aaron Foster


Bridging Across Black Lives Matter: A fishbowl bridging conversation
Black leaders have lived at the intersection of protecting Black lives for longer than the hashtag’s lifecycle. The epidemic of police violence and community violence have long been lasting effects of structural racism and systemic inequity facing Black families. The question becomes, “How do we provide safety and security for Black people from the state and the conditions that fuel intercommunal violence?” Some leaders have led the call for public safety transformation, police abolition and a radical reimagining of security since the killing of Mike Brown in Ferguson, MO. While the emergence...