O&B 2024 is organized by the Othering & Belonging Institute at UC Berkeley.

Organizing Committee

Rachelle Galloway-Popotas, Conference Director
Ashley Gallegos
Ashlin Malouf
Basima Sisemore
Cecilie Surasky
Christian M. Ivey, Attendee Experience Lead
Erfan Moradi
Erika Prasad
Hossein Ayazi
Olivia Araiza
Puanani Forbes
Sarah Crowell, Arts Lead
Tanya Diaz, Breakout Sessions Lead

Accessibility Subcommittee

Jacob Tompkins, Accessibility Lead
Charlotte O'Keefe
Ella Streng
Evan Yoshimoto
Mora Tulian
Rio Gonzalez

Arts & Culture Subcommittee

Sarah Crowell, Lead
Ashley Gallegos
Jose Richard Aviles
Julia McKeown
Mina Girgis

Advisory board for Arts:
Brett Cook, Interdisciplinary artist and educator 
Latanya d. Tigner, Dimensions Dance Theater Youth Company
Michelle Mush Lee, Executive Director, Youth Speaks; City of Oakland Cultural Affairs Commission
Roberto Bedoya, Cultural Affairs Manager, City of Oakland

Attendee Experience Subcommittee

Christian M. Ivey, Lead 
Charlotte O'Keefe
Puanani Forbes
Rachelle Galloway-Popotas
Rio Gonzalez

Breakout Sessions Subcommittee

Tanya Diaz, Lead
Rio Gonzalez
Sara Grossman

Volunteer Management Team

Carolyn Hunt
Mary Owen