Winta Berhe

Winta Berhe (they/them) is a climate justice organizer with a background organising with the climate movement in Germany. Currently, they are actively involved with an anti-fascist and anti-racist group in Frankfurt, Germany. Their work prioritises climate justice education and the establishment of accessible community spaces led by and for BIPOC activists. Their work is driven by an abolitionist and system-change perspective that prioritises fostering global collaboration between Black, indigenous, and communities of colour in both the Global North and South to mobilise around  climate justice.
Winta Berhe


From Climate Change to Climate Justice: A BIPOC Perspective in Europe
This breakout session will double as the launch of Systemic Justice’s speaker series, which tells an alternative story of the climate emergency in Europe from the perspectives of Black, Indigenous, and Communities of Colour who have laid the foundation for the movement we’ve come to recognize today.