Udi Raz

Udi Raz is a doctoral fellow at the Berlin Graduate School Muslim Cultures and Societies. There she investigates the contemporary self-understanding of Germany, as a nation state, as emerges through public attempts to regulate encounters beween 'Muslims' and 'Jews'. She grew up in Haifa, between Tel-Aviv and Beirut. Her work is shaped by local and global, anti- and decolonial, as well as queer liberation movements. She has lived in Berlin since 2010, where she first studied Culture and History of the Middle East and then Islamic Studies at the Free University Berlin. Raz is a board member of the Germany based organization Jewish Voice for Just Peace in the Middle East.


Udi Raz


Turning towards each other, not against each other: Bridging in Times of Crisis
As violence continues to take the lives of more and more civilians in Palestine and Israel, communities around the world are fragmenting over profound questions like whose lives are grievable and whose are not, and who can speak and who cannot.