Shauna Siggelkow

Shauna is a documentarian, researcher, and digital strategist with over ten years of experience in working at the intersection of media production and advocacy. In her current role as Director of Digital Storytelling at the award-winning non-profit, Define American, Shauna and her team utilize data and research tools to inform narrative change digital strategies. The goal of this work is to develop infrastructure for the non-profit field to better combat xenophobia on social media. Prior to this role, Shauna worked as a producer in television and digital media, with projects that have been featured on MTV, CNN, and The Washington Post.
Shauna Siggelkow


Combating Online Xenophobia and Seeding Narratives that Connect Us
Over the past decade, it has become viscerally clear to those working at the forefront of migrant and human rights that preventative measures are necessary to stop the spread of authoritarian ideologies online, which often target vulnerable communities.