Priya Ghai

Envisioning new processes of liberation and ways of being with each other is at the core of what ignites Priya. Throughout her career, she has created spaces where possibility can exist.  As a lecturer of design thinking, experiential learning designer, leadership consultant and a seasoned facilitator, she blends those disciplines together to enable others to achieve their vision and build the world they want to be a part of, together. Priya Ghai (she/her) is a consultant, facilitator and co-founder of Held, a partnership that provides learning and holds space for people to have the conversations they need to have and to take responsibility for their relationships in service of collective liberation. In the work of Held, you’ll find Priya alongside you in a constant state of emergence, listening deeply to what is present for you and creating solutions to move you forward towards justice and liberation.
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Barriers to Bridging: Building Relational Skills to Connect Across Difference
When it comes to addressing othering and building a world in which everyone gets to belong, it can be tempting to orient our attention solely to the systems that perpetuate that othering, to focus our critiques on the actors we feel responsible for othering ideologies, and to engage only our intellect in the heavy work of socio-political change and movement-building.