Nim Ralph

Nim Ralph is a UK-based trans writer, educator and activist. They have led campaigns and organised extensively for queer and trans liberation in Britain's toxically transphobic cultural landscape, and work with activists around the world. Nim has spent time coordinating with trans folks globally to develop organising and comms strategies to fight against the populist playbook. Outside of trans organising they've been active in organising around anti-racism, disability and climate justice for over nearly 20 years. Additionally, Nim works as an educator in social movements on movement building strategy, anti-oppression and political education. They are designer of multiple activist training programmes with an approach to education that centres relationship and connection. They have bylines in Gal-Dem and OpenDemocracy and were recently featured as a trans activist in GQ.
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Countering the gender backlash: Building coalitions against the populist playbook
Today, far right parties in different countries are emulating each other and using similar tactics that instrumentalize othering. Yet their approaches to issues of gender are heterogenous.