Monika Jiang


Monika Jiang is a curator, community organizer, and experience designer sensing into what revives a shared reality in a lonely, polarized neoliberal age.

Over the past five years, she held the position as head of curation and community at the House of Beautiful Business, a global network for the life-centered economy. As a main host, facilitator, and contributor to both events and thought leadership content and publications, she covered topics ranging from climate action and relationships in the age of AI to diversity and inclusion in Web3, business’ social and political responsibility, the future of work and leadership, and more. 

A highly intuitive, fantastical soul, and second-generation Chinese immigrant based in Berlin, Germany, she’s committed to reaching to the margins, asking essential questions, and gently stepping into the reality of others to make more feelings known, more faces seen, more voices heard. 

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Photograph is by João Noguiera.

Monika Jiang headshot