Mario Scharfbillig

Mario uses behavioural research to improve evidence-informed policymaking and democratic processes in the EU. He is working at the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, where he is leading the work on values, identities and political intelligence as part of the Enlightenment 2.0 research programme. For his work on values, he was named among the "50+1 Influential Researchers Whose Work Could Help Shape 21st Century Politicians" by Apolitical. He is also associate editor of the JRC Editorial Review Board and works on improving the Science-Policy-Ecosystem in the EU. Among others, he is part of the advisory board of the Democracy and Belonging Forum and in the European Geoscience Union policy working group.
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Combating Online Xenophobia and Seeding Narratives that Connect Us
Over the past decade, it has become viscerally clear to those working at the forefront of migrant and human rights that preventative measures are necessary to stop the spread of authoritarian ideologies online, which often target vulnerable communities.