Jumoke Adeyanju


Jumoke Adeyanju is an interdisciplinary multilingual writer, curator and dancer. Under her alias mokeyanju, she occasionally performs as a vinyl selector and aspiring sound artist. Jumoke is the founder of The Poetry Meets Series [est. 2014], co-curator of Sensitivities of Dance at SAVVY Contemporary and hosts her own radio show sauti ya àkókò on Refuge Worldwide. 

Her multidimensional sound, words and movement art has been commissioned by Arthouse Foundation Lagos, AAF Lagos, CUNY NYC, Kölnischer Kunstverein and Deutschlandfunk Kultur & PUNGWE collective amongst others. 

She has presented her artistic works at international literary festivals performing in English, German, Kiswahili and Yorùbá. 
Jumoke's poetry and translation work will be published as part of the anthology "Kontinentaldrift: Das Schwarze Europa" (ed. Fiston Mwanza Mujila) in 2021.

As an allround-artist, Jumoke’s approach touches on topics like diaspora nostalgia, memory, spiritual liminal spaces, sonic tonalities, and how various elements of expressive art forms interrelate and incorporate the potential to (re-)create moments of reviving other or displaced selves.

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Performance: Jumoke Adeyanju (Poetry Meets) & Darius Mick
Jumoke Adeyanju & Darius Mick come together to perform a Welcome to Ceremony experience for the Othering & Belonging Institute Berlin Conference 2023. Adeyanju’s blissful spoken word paired with Darius Mick’s live saxophone & modular soundscape projections create a world of insightful imagination, a storytelling of poetic navigation, an enchantment of worlds before us, and ahead of us.