Indy Johar


Indy is co-founder of Dark Matter Labs and of the RIBA award winning architecture and urban practice Architecture00. He is also a founding director of open systems lab, seeded WikiHouse (open source housing) and Open Desk (open source furniture company).

He is focused on the strategic design of new super scale civic assets for transition - specifically at the intersection of financing, contracting and governance for deeply democratic futures.

Indy is a non-executive international Director of the BloxHub, the Nordic Hub for sustainable urbanization. He is on the advisory board for the Future Observatory and is part of the committee for the London Festival of Architecture. He is also a fellow of the London Interdisciplinary School.

Indy was 2016-17 Graham Willis Visiting Professorship at Sheffield University.  He was Studio Master at the Architectural Association - 2019-2020, UNDP Innovation Facility Advisory Board Member 2016-20 and RIBA Trustee 2017-20.

He has taught & lectured at various institutions from the University of Bath, TU-Berlin; University College London, Princeton, Harvard, MIT and New School.

Indy Johar is an RIBA registered architect, serial social entrepreneur, and Good Growth Advisor to the Mayor of London. Indy was born in Acton, West London & is a lifelong Londoner. 

He was awarded the London Design Medal for Innovation in 2022 and an MBE in 2023.

A Sikh man with a blue turban, red puffy vest, and blue button up shirt sits with hands clasped.


Is Democracy Equipped for This? Renewing civic infrastructure in a time of populism and polycrisis
This moment is one of not a single major crisis, but of many. Indeed, some thinkers have come to call this time one of “polycrisis” (“a cluster of related global risks with compounding effects, such that the overall impact exceeds the sum of each part”) or “permacrisis” (“an extended period of instability and insecurity, especially one resulting from a series of catastrophic events”).