Cecilie Surasky


Cecilie Surasky is the Communications Director at the Othering & Belonging Institute. She brings two decades of movement-building strategy and communications experience to her position which she started in the spring of 2020. She worked most recently on a range of justice and equity issues including prison exoneree advocacy, LGBTQ health, Palestinian legal rights and climate justice in indigenous communities. Before that, Cecilie spent 13 years building the largest progressive Jewish grassroots organization in the United States, Jewish Voice for Peace, where she designed and led high-impact communication and advocacy campaigns to leverage influencers and shift narratives with the aim of building grassroots support for policies that uphold the inalienable human rights of Palestinians. Cecilie has also been a columnist for an East Coast daily newspaper, host of one of the country's first LGBTQ commercial talk radio programs, and a videomaker whose work has been shown at NY's Museum of Modern Art and in festivals around the world.

Cecilie Surasky


Turning towards each other, not against each other: Bridging in Times of Crisis
As violence continues to take the lives of more and more civilians in Palestine and Israel, communities around the world are fragmenting over profound questions like whose lives are grievable and whose are not, and who can speak and who cannot.