The Space Between Us video and Networking

What usually goes left unsaid? 
What usually goes left unseen? 
What happens when we abandon our presumptions and invite discomfort?

Sarah Crowell and Keith Hennessey are both dancers, teachers, and activists in the Bay Area. They have known each other for nearly 30 years. But they’ve never collaborated or connected deeply, until now. 

The Space Between Us is a radical experiment in the power of bearing witness, inviting vulnerability, and sharing movement, in a time of social distancing and racial reckoning.

This is an experiment in vulnerability.
When we invited Sarah Crowell and Keith Hennessey to be part of this project we knew there were so many potential pitfalls along the way. It’s one thing to ask someone to excavate their deepest fears and anxieties to another person. It’s another thing entirely to have cameras present and for those people to put themselves at the mercy of filmmakers who will distill the footage into a short film.

We’re encouraged to have “uncomfortable conversations“ but we are rarely shown examples of how those can look.

Monday, October 18, 2021