Across Our Homes: Bridging Within and Across Diaspora Communities

Diasporas – or communities of people living outside of their original homeland – are no monolith. The pathway to a new home may be paved with the push of forced displacement or with the promise of better economic conditions. And, of course, all migration must be placed in the context of the structural forces of empire, colonization, capitalism, and the escalating climate crisis. Across these different origin stories, diaspora communities, organizations, and movements are increasingly influential in both their new homes and countries of origin. However, this influence is distributed unevenly and, even within one diasporic community, there is endless diversity of opinion, economic positionality, and lived experience. What does community-building and organizing look like across these geographic, political, and material divides? In this event, we will hear stories and lessons from organizers on bridging within their U.S.-based diasporic community and across other diasporic communities.
Tuesday, October 19, 2021