This Bridging to Belonging Case Series captures real-world examples of bridging and belonging through writings and podcast interviews. In this series, we analyze a range of breaking moments and bridging opportunities across different scales and contexts, such as schools, movements, governments and communities. They “show and hear” how these concepts play out on the ground. In the case series we hear from leaders implementing the work, and individuals who have experienced the transformation of bridging to create belonging.

Our series tells four powerful bridging stories that impact individuals, communities and structures. Each case identifies the breaking dynamic, the bridging action and how it fosters belonging.

How to use these cases

Each written case and podcast can be read or listened to alone, as they each tell a compelling bridging to belonging story. However, we encourage readers and listeners to use the series as an opportunity to gain different perspectives and examples of bridging to belonging. Each written case has one or two podcast interviews that can be used together to get multiple perspectives of the same project. For example, the written case that outlines Belong Circles also has two podcast interviews that accompany it; one interview is with an organizer and the second one is with two people who’ve participated in Belong Circles. Using the resources together allows readers to learn about Belong Circles from multiple perspectives.

The case series also includes interpersonal, inter-group, and structural bridging examples, therefore reading and listening to different cases will provide examples of the different types of bridging.

Try the workshop

This 90 minute workshop offers modules on the topics of Othering, Breaking, Bridging and Belonging. The workshop allows for an interactive discussion using dynamic case studies of real world examples of bridging. Our curriculum includes a Facilitators Guide, Visual slide deck, Case Studies and Discussion Questions. 

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This series was led by research and policy analyst Miriam Magaña Lopez as primary case study author and podcast host. This is a project of the Blueprint for Belonging by the Network for Transformative Change

The project team included Miriam Magaña Lopez, Research and Policy Analyst; Olivia E. Araiza, Program Director; Joshua Clark, Political Participant Analyst; Gerald Lenoir, Identity and Politics Strategy Analyst; and Tanya P. Díaz, Special Projects Coordinator.

Layout and design for the case studies was done by Erfan Moradi.

For questions or feedback on this project email belonging@berkeley.edu.