Video: The African Scramble: Culture, Cuisine and Colonialism


February 25, 2021

The African Scramble is a conceptual sandwich meant to serve as a vehicle to expose the historical complications of the profoundly unjust, asymmetrical relationship between Africa and the West. The sandwich’s ingredients trace that history to our present moment. Across a stunning program that includes readings, interviews, short films, musical interludes, and cooking segments, hosts Tunde Wey, artist and chef, and Ruth Gebreyesus, culture writer and critic, inject unconventional narratives into that relationship. 

With fresh eyes, Wey and Gebreyesus will act as docents exploring and complicating The African Scramble’s ingredients with a number of special guests. The program’s stories will be firmly rooted in the continent and its Diaspora stemming from the deeply personal to the overtly political. With food as the focal point, the program’s conversations will offer poetic excursions that traverse personal histories, interludes in the form of an Ethiopian coffee break, journeys through food markets, visits to studios, questions of what exactly Nigerian cuisine is and whose hands cultivate it, investigations of international “development” in Africa, and discussions on the ongoing project of colonialism and its effects on the trajectories of Africans. 

This event is an extension and articulation of a magazine issue that Tunde Wey and Ruth Gebreyesus guest edited for Sandwich magazine also titled The African Scramble released in December 2020. 

Featured speakers include The Africa Center’s CEO Uzodinma Iweala, Elsadig Elsheikh, Adom Getachew, Ireti Oluwagbemi, Maheder Aekalu, Yemisi Aribisala, Atim Ukoh, Iquo Ukoh, Michael Elegbebe, Sejiro Avoseh, Therese Nelson and much more