Taeku Lee is Professor of Political Science and Law at the University of California, Berkeley. His books include Mobilizing Public Opinion (2002); Transforming Politics, Transforming America (2006), Why Americans Don't Join the Party (2011), Accountability through Public Opinion (2011), Asian American Political Participation (2011). Lee is also Non-Resident Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution, Managing Director of Asian American Decisions, and serves as Treasurer of the American Political Science Association and on the Board of Overseers of the American National Election Studies and the General Social Survey. Lee was previously Assistant Professor of Public Policy at Harvard, Robert Wood Johnson Scholar at Yale, and Fernand Braudel Senior Fellow at the European University Institute. Lee was born in South Korea, grew up in rural Malaysia, Manhattan, and suburban Detroit, and is a proud graduate of K-12 public schools, the University of Michigan (A.B.), Harvard University (M.P.P.), and the University of Chicago (Ph.D.).

Lee served as the Haas Institute's Associate Director from 2015 to 2018.

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