September 17, 2014
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Above, from left: Professor Katherine Sherwood from the Haas Institute Disability Studies Cluster and Professor Juana María Rodriguez from the Haas Institute LGBTQ Citizenship Cluster


Over 170 people attended Research to Impact Monday afternoon, an event held to meet and engage with the UC Berkeley faculty members and Haas Institute staff whose work focuses on addressing society's most pressing and pivotal issues related to vulnerable and marginalized populations. Read more about the event and see more photos on our Facebook album.
Above, clockwise from top: john a. powell and UC Berkeley Chancellor Nicholas Dirks; Haas Institute staff Michael Omi, Associate Director, Rachelle Galloway-Popotas, Communications Manager; Stephen Menendian, Assistant Director, and Veronica Hash, Administrative Manager and the evening's emcee; UC Berkeley Undergraduate Yordanos Dejen, an ASUC Senator, and Yuki Burton, Cal alum and EOP staff; Mike Bishop of the UC Berkeley Public Service Center and other attendees listen to the panel discussion. 

Our New Video: The Vision of Research and Community Collaboration 

Our new video captures the vision of the Haas Institute and our research faculty. Watch and share

Race and Inequality in the 21st century

Marking the 50-year anniversary of the Civil Rights Act, launch of the War on Poverty, and the Free Speech Movement, Prof. john powell kicked off the 2014 Ruth Chance Lecture Series on September 15 where he spoke on race and inequality in the twenty-first century and the role of implicit bias in racial marginalization today. Lecture series hosted by the Thelton Henderson Center for Social Justice.

Taking research to policy makers

Last week, the Haas Institute launched its first policy brief: Rising to Responding Inequality. On September 10, Professors Hilary Hoynes, john a. powell and Michael Reich spoke before a packed audience at the Economic Policy Institute in Washington, DC. Following the panel discussion, Profs. Hoynes and powell took the recommendations to end inequality to Congressional leaders on Capitol Hill. Read the full story and download the brief. You can also read the brief on your mobile device and see our social media recap #endinequality. 
Fisher v. Texas: The Limits of Exhaustion and the Future of Race-Conscious University Admissions
Haas Institute Director john a. powelland Assistant Director Stephen Menendian recently published an article in the University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform about Fisher v. Texas. The case involved the University of Texas at Austin and a white high school student who sued the university after not being admitted, claiming that she was more qualified than minority students who were admitted under the state's holistic admissions review. john and Stephen delve into why the Supreme Court's decision in overruling the student was important to race-conscious admissions.

Bill Moyers Featured Smart Chart

Our infographic with recommendations on reducing inequality was featured on the website of veteran journalist Bill Moyers. See "Six ways to tackle sky-high inequality."  

SF Chronicle: UC Berkeley team calls for U.S. policies to narrow income gap

john powell on The Real News Network

The Real News recently interviewed john a. powell to discuss the political and economic interests behind the taxation and mass incarceration of Black communities. Watch The Real News' interview.

TIME Magazine: A Plan to Fix all of America's Detroits

Detroit might be the symbol of municipal distress in the minds of many, but there are plenty of cities experiencing the same conditions that triggered Detroit’s decline. A recent TIME magazine article co-authored by Haas Institute Director john powell highlights the Beyond Bankruptcy initiative and “A Plan to Fix all of America’s Detroits.”
What's Beyond Ferguson?
It's been nearly one month since officer Darren Wilson fatally shot Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO. A letter signed by 125 leaders, including several from UC Berkeley, asked Pres. Obama what will happen once the furor over Ferguson dies down. The letter specifically requests that the president act to end the militarization of local police forces and to establish community-centered policing nationwide, especially in low-income neighborhoods.
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