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The latest issue of our news magazine is now available  

The new issue of the Haas Institute news magazine is full of updates on our work from this academic year. This edition features a recap of our latest public events, the Kerner Commission at 50 conference, summaries of our recent reports and news on our faculty research, programs and projects. This issue also features pieces on: Read the issue now online or in print form in a few weeks—email us with your mailing address to be placed on our print mailing list. Download the Haas Institute's Fall 2017/Spring 2018 news magazine here.

john powell on finding solutions to poverty

Director john a. powell gave a talk earlier this month in Washington, DC about the need to address poverty in an event organized by the US Partnership on Mobility from Poverty. In the presentation, which also included remarks by Arthur Brooks, the president of the conservative American Enterprise Institute, powell talked about the importance of connecting with others from different backgrounds to solve problems, in this case, poverty. He talked about poverty not being simply a lack of money, but also a lack of dignity, sense of belonging, and agency. And one of the obstacles to addressing poverty, powell argued, is that society does not view the poor as full human being. "We don't see them as human, and if we don't see them as human, we can't adopt effective policy for them," he said. powell is one of 24 members of the partnership, which also includes Ai-jen Poo, Raj Chetty, and many other change leaders.

Watch a video of their talk here, and read a piece powell co-authored with Brooks on poverty last year on this page.

Presentation to CA lawmakers on Targeted Universalism

Assistant Director Stephen Menendian presented the targeted universalism policy framework before the California Assembly's Blue Ribbon Commission on Early Childhood Education on May 3 at the capitol building in Sacramento. He explained how this framework differs from a traditional universal or targeted approach, and explained how it is better designed to achieve equity outcomes. Video of the event and his PowerPoint presentation can be viewed on this page.

Hilary Hoynes argues for anti-poverty program SNAP

Hilary Hoynes, a member of the Haas Institute's Economic Disparities cluster, presented compelling arguments to a packed audience at the UC Center Sacramento last month in support of SNAP, which is the second largest anti-poverty program for children in the United States. During the talk, Hoynes addressed the important placement of SNAP as a central part of the US safety net for all citizens, current policy issues and concerns, and details on short-term and long-term health effects of the program. Research consistently shows that SNAP leads to reductions in food insecurity in the short term, with much broader and further reaching benefits. Hoynes was recently elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences for her work in economics.

Media and Updates

The Washington Post cited Julie Nelson, a Senior Fellow at the Haas Institute and director of the Government Alliance on Race and Equity (GARE), which is a joint project between the Institute, and the Center for Social Inclusion, in a recent article. The story focuses on efforts by Maryland's Montgomery County, which is considering joining GARE, to move towards more equitable policies. "Our goal is to close those gaps between different racial groups and lift up outcomes for all," the story cites Nelson as saying. Read the story here.
Gattaca Events: Podcast and Videos 

Videos and reflections from the two public events framed around the film Gattaca that were organized by Haas Institute research clusters are now available online. Gattaca was a sci-fi movie produced more than 20 years ago whose themes surrounding ethical questions of human reproductive and gene-editing technologies have become especially pertinent in recent years due to scientific advances that have brought into reality some of the practices in the film. Read more about the events here, and here.

Listen to the special edition of Life of the Law podcast here.

Save the date!

​​The next Othering & Belonging conference will be held April 8–10, 2019 in Oakland. Visit for updates. 
Find out more about the experience of the Othering & Belonging conference in this video montage of last year's event
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