AUGUST 10, 2015
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One Year Later: Michael Brown's Death Sparked a National Movement Focused on Police Brutality in America

Haas Institute Director john a. powell was interviewed for this video, produced by AJ+, entitled Black Lives Matter, One Year After Ferguson. powell noted, "Through our practices, through our culture, and certainly through our policing, we send the message every day that black lives don't matter." powell offered insight into how we can start changing practices in this country, starting with the recognition that these issues are profoundly structural and cultural and will require us to go deeper than only looking at individual intentions or actions. Watch the video

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Lynn Manning
Lynn Manning photo at the Othering & Belonging Conference 2015

Mourning the Loss of Actor and Playwright Lynn Manning

The Haas Institute was deeply saddened to learn of the death of Lynn Manning, who passed away on August 3 at age 60. Lynn was an award-winning poet, playwright, and actor. We were deeply honored that Lynn agreed to be a keynote performer at our Othering & Belonging conference in April, where he performed his award-winning play WEIGHTS, a dramatic account of his experience as a person of color with disabilities. In our interview with Lynn before the conference, he noted, "After losing my sight, I found myself confronted by a whole new batch of bigoted thinking. I was flabbergasted to learn that people hold the blind or otherwise disabled in such terribly low esteem. I had difficulty determining if I was being discriminated against because of my race or my disability...My greatest challenge was convincing family, friends, bureaucrats, and authorities to get out of my way and let me try to create the life I wanted." The staff and board of directors of the Watts Village Theater Company—which Lynn co-founded and served as the artistic director—said, "we would like to focus on celebrating the lasting impact and legacy Lynn leaves behind.”

Read the interview we conducted with Lynn in March
Read the LA Times tribute to Lynn Manning.

The Impact of Rising Housing Costs Nationwide

Wall Street Journal Graph on Rent in Major Metro Areas“One thing that’s quite different from previous recessions is there’s a lot of inequality across areas in terms of rents,” said Hilary Hoynes, UC Berkeley Professor and Haas Institute Economic Disparities cluster leader in this recent article in the Wall Street Journal about millennials returning to their parents' homes. Independent housing economist Jed Kolko also suggested that "two headwinds were keeping young workers from living independently: declining marriage rates and rising rental costs, which have outpaced wage gains in many parts of the country." Read the article.
Haas Institute Assistant Director Stephen Menendian was featured in this hour-long radio interview on about the housing crisis. In a segment on KPFA radio entitled "Where Are You Going To Live?", Stephen joined host Philip Malderi to discuss escalating housing prices, affordable housing, rent control, and segregation. Drawing on his expertise from housing law, Stephen answered questions about the state of housing in the current economy. Listen to the segment
Newsweek magazine image on Republican debate - image copyright Newsweek
Diversity & Democracy Cluster Member Lisa García Bedolla was one of four scholars featured in Newsweek's follow-up analysis to last week's debate between ten Republican presidential hopefuls. García, who is Chancellor’s Professor of Education and Political Science at UC Berkeley, highlighted the GOP's continued use of the Southern strategy—the use of coded racialized appeals to gain white votes—remarking, "Its continued influence was evident on the stage in Cleveland Thursday." Read the full Newsweek piece here.
Dacher Keltner, founding director of UC Berkeley's Greater Good Science Center and member of the Haas Institute Religious Disparities Cluster, was quoted in a recent article on power. Keltner noted that power can lead people to act more selfishly, impulsively and aggressively, as well as have trouble seeing others points of view. "The skills most important to obtaining power and leading effectively,” he says, “are the very skills that deteriorate once we have power.” Read the piece here.

Recent Blog Posts from the 2015 Haas Institute Summer Fellows

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Equal Justice Society Gala Commemorating the 50th Anniversaries of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965. More information here.
FALL 2015
UC Berkeley's Multicultural Education Program Fall 2015 Workshop Schedule 

9:00 am – 11:30 am 

Looking in / Looking Out: Exploring Workplace Diversity at Cal

FRI, OCT. 16
9:00 am – 11:30 am
First Take / Second Look: Exploring Unconscious Bias

9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Let’s Talk: Engaging in Cross Cultural Communication

Register for individual workshops or find out more about the MEP Certificate Curriculum here.

OCT. 15-17
Time Again to Gather: 30th California Indian Conference
UC Berkeley

OCT. 27-29
Policylink’s #Equity15 – National Conference
Join thousands of attendees determined to craft and fortify the next wave of strategies and actions to achieve just and fair inclusion at PolicyLink’s Equity Summit in downtown Los Angeles, California. Register today.


Research Assistants: Law

The Haas Institute is seeking to hire two law students to serve as research assistants for Berkeley Law professor john a. powell. RAs may work on research regarding: civil rights and human rights, racial and economic segregation, sexual orientation, religion, disability, gender, housing law, questions pertaining to the 14th Amendment, immigration and citizenship. Full job description can be found here. To apply, send resume, letter of interest, and writing sample to Alyson Reimer.
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