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Spring 2019 News Magazine Now Out

The latest issue of our biannual news magazine is now available online! Featuring updates on the latest institute activities, projects, and programs, as well as a feature article sharing insights from local partners of our Civic Engagement Narrative Change Project. These partners, who are working on the ground in different regions of the country, discuss how they integrate strategic narratives in their work to politically engage overlooked or underserved communities. Other highlights in this issue include interviews with our Artist in Residence Christine Wong Yap, LGBTQ faculty cluster member Eric Stanley, and the 2018 Haas Institute summer fellows, as well as a spotlight on our recently launched Shahidi Project.

View the magazine here.

 New Podcast Episode 

Examining the US Census with Michael Omi

headshot of michael omi with an audio player to his right

In this episode of Who Belongs?, we explore the topic of the US Census with Michael Omi, who is a Professor of Ethnic Studies, an affiliated faculty member of our Institute, author of Racial Formation in the United States, and one of only a handful of experts on the US Census. Stephen Menendian, who is the assistant director and director of research at the Haas Institute, served as guest host for this episode. Visit this page to listen or read a transcript of the interview.

 New Report 

Strategies for Civic Engagement: Analyzing the Cultural Strategy Ambassadors Program

Screenshot cover of Grow Your Vote reportAhead of the 2018 midterm elections, the Haas Institute's Blueprint for Belonging project and Power California partnered on a unique project: the Cultural Strategy Ambassadors Program, which empowered participants to use cultural strategies to engage low-propensity voters. Our newest report describes the framework of the program, analyzes its processes and outcomes, and sheds light on lessons learned. Read the report here.

 New Blog 

Does "Belonging" Mean Economic Inclusion or New Economic Structures?

A common misunderstanding of the idea of belonging is that it means inclusion in existing structures without fundamental changes to those structures, Eli Moore, manager of our California Community Partnerships program, explains in a new blog post on our website. "When this definition of belonging is applied to economic conditions, it leads to equating belonging with being employed and having the income and wealth that make possible a thriving and materially enjoyable life," Moore writes. "But, in my view, belonging goes much further than this. Belonging can anchor a narrative that weaves together diverse issues and visions for a new economy." Read the piece here.
Screenshot of Interactive Mapping Resource for Zoning Reform

Researchers Release Interactive Mapping Resource for Zoning Reform

Haas Institute researchers last week unveiled a new interactive opportunity map of California to help inform policy discussions about zoning reform currently underway in the state. The mapping tool provides data and evidence-based framing around the types of neighborhood characteristics policymakers should consider to ensure that zoning reform encourages more housing production in areas of opportunity, and does so in ways that could make the state more inclusive and help meet environmental goals by reducing commute distances. Check out the map here, and read a press release with all the details of this exciting project here.

 KPFA Interview 

Director john powell discusses Othering and Belonging Conference on KPFA

picture of john powell

Director john powell was interviewed on KPFA's UpFront program this week about our Othering and Belonging Conference which is happening April 8-10 in Oakland. powell breaks down what we mean by othering, what belonging entails, and why bridging is crucial to acknowledge our shared humanity. Have a listen here, and be sure to check out the conference website to learn more. Also bookmark our YouTube page to watch a livestream of the conference if you can't be there in person.

 Faculty News 

Haas Institute Scholar Named as 2019 Distinguished Faculty Mentor

Portrait of Osagie ObasogieWe are happy to congratulate Osagie Obasogie, Chair of our Diversity and Health Disparities faculty research cluster, who was recently announced as a 2019 UC Berkeley Distinguished Faculty Mentor Award Winner. According to the award announcement, "recipients have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to helping UC Berkeley graduate students to succeed academically, professionally, and personally." Learn more about Osagie's work in our interview with him in 2016.

News & Updates

The Belonging Project, spearheaded by our Artist in Residence Christine Wong Yap, was covered in J Weekly for her commemoration of a rabbi's house as a "place of belonging." "The places of belonging Wong Yap is chronicling are places where people feel connected, safe and rooted. They’ve been as diverse as a store selling egg-custard tarts in Oakland to a well-known alley of murals in San Francisco’s Mission District." Read the article.
Hilary Hoynes, chair of our Economic Disparities faculty research cluster, was quoted in an article published in the Christian Science Monitor entitled "Childless workers often lose out on tax credits. Not with this program." "“If you’re already a minimum wage worker working full-time, the [Earned Income Tax Credit] is going to reduce your poverty but not change your employment rate,” Hoynes is quoted as saying.
Henry Brady, member of our Economic Disparities and Religious Diversity faculty clusters, was featured in a Berkeley News article entitled "Candidates may have a point in trying to scrap the Electoral College." “My basic take is that the Electoral College is a totally vestigial institution,” Brady is quoted as saying.
Georgina Kleege, member of our Disability Studies faculty research cluster, was featured in a New York Times article reviewing a dance show entitled "Paramodernities," which debuted earlier this month in New York. Kleege was one of a handful of scholars who gave lectures as part of the show.
Research by Enrico Moretti, member of our Economic Disparities research cluster, was featured in an article published by the UCLA Anderson Review entitled, "A clue that parents prefer a son: They have more kids when their firstborn is a girl."

Upcoming Events

April 8-10: Rising authoritarianism, global forced migration, transformative feminism, economies of belonging, youth leadership, the urgency of bridging—these are just some of the topics that will be discussed at the 2019 Othering & Belonging Conference April 8–10 in Oakland. If you haven't yet registered, we hope you will do so before the end of the week!
April 9: Discussion on Trap Door: Trans Cultural Production and the Politics of Visibility. Featuring: Miss Major, a veteran of the infamous Stonewall Riots, former sex worker, and survivor of Attica State Prison, transgender elder and activist and CeCe McDonald, a transgender activist and revered icon of the LGBTQ community. Moderated by: Kerby Lynch: PhD student in Geography, UCB and Eric Stanley, Assistant Professor, Gender & Women's Studies, UCB.
April 26: Children of the Dream: Why School Integration Works Book Talk. Rucker Johnson will present findings from his new book “Children of the Dream: Why School Integration Works” followed by an insightful dialogue with Chris Edley, Distinguished Professor of Law, UC Berkeley and Prudence Carter, Dean Graduate School of Education.
See our past and upcoming faculty series talks here.
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