September, 2013 Activities and Events

  • In late August and throughout the month of September, Director john a. powell and Associate Director Michael Omi held meetings with the LQBTQ Citizenship, Diversity and Democracy, Economic Disparities and Health Disparities cluster faculty to continue building relationships and provide direction on shared goals moving forward. 

  • Global Justice Program Manager Elsadig Elsheikh met with leadership from the Undocumented Students Program at UC Berkeley to discuss a pilot joint undergraduate Fellowship program for undocumented students. 

  • Program Manager Eli Moore held a training session for community leaders and organizers in Richmond, California, on analyzing the potential impacts and benefits of a new research campus planned for development.

  • The Haas Institute held a training session for community leaders and organizers in Richmond, California, on how to analyze power in a campaign by conducting rigorous power structure analysis. 

  • Assistant Director Stephen Menendian wrote a blog titled “Transportation is Housing Policy,” featured on the UC Berkeley blog. 

  • Director john a. powell spoke at the UNC Center for Civil Rights all-day conference: “To Make Real The Promises of Democracy.” powell addressed the upcoming Mount Holly case, and the need to continue to protect disparate impact claims under the Fair Housing Act. 

  • On September 16th, Director john a. powell presented as a workshop leader for policy and community leaders taking part in the conference, “Social Equity in Monterey County: New Policies for a New Reality,” sponsored by the Nonprofit Alliance of Monterey County. His role was a follow-up to his October 2011 presentation on issues and questions related to system-level approaches that hinder or generate outcomes of fairness and equality. 

  • Associate Director Michael Omi gave a talk for the lecture series on “Race and Justice in Transnational Perspective” at the University of California, Merced. 

  • The Haas Institute co-hosted a lecture titled “Acting White? Rethinking Race in Post-Racial America,” featuring Devon Carbado, the Honorable Harry Pregerson Professor of Law at UCLA. Professor Carbado is a nationally recognized figure in the field of Critical Race Theory.

  • On September 20th, the Disability Studies cluster of the Haas Institute co-hosted a lecture titled “Disability Is Not Apology: Ableist Metaphor as Oppressitve Tool,” featuring Lydia Brown. Lydia Brown is an Autistic and multiple-disabled disability rights activist, scholar, and writer who has been honored as a Champion of Change by the White House. 

  • Director john a. powell’s students contributed their critical reflections to the Haas Institute blog on President Obama’s speech at the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington. 

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