Reimagine Education for All: Equity and Targeted Universalism
Children, family, and situation differ not just at the individual level but also at the group level similarly to race, class, ability and other important indicators.
Expanding the Circle of Human Concern
This report illustrates examples of the work accomplished at our Institute over the first seven years since its inception in 2012.
Blog: The backlash is here: Behind the absurd attacks on 'Critical Race Theory'
In mid-April, I noticed something strange was happening. Across mainstream media, but especially conservative/ right-wing media, there was a spate of articles and op-eds attacking the notion of “equity.”
Press Release: Most metros in the US have become more segregated since 1990
More than 80 percent of metropolitan regions in the United States have become more segregated in recent decades despite policy efforts aimed at promoting integration, with the most highly segregated areas located in midwestern and mid atlantic states.
Video: "The Roots of Structural Racism" Segregation Project Launch Event
On Tuesday, June 22 we hosted a half-day forum with fair housing advocates and leading race and housing scholars from across the United States for the unveiling of "The Roots of Structural Racism.
The Roots of Structural Racism Project
The Roots of Structural Racism Project was unveiled in June 2021 after several years of investigating the persistence of racial residential segregation across the United States.
From Tulsa, Texas, to Turkey: The Price of Denial
There has been a spate of recent media coverage and documentaries to mark the 100-year anniversary of the massacre. But this panorama of coverage is in striking contrast to how this event was originally covered by the media, let alone addressed by public authorities.
Blog: Pain of police killings ripples outward to traumatize Black people and communities across US
It’s been one year since George Floyd’s murder by a Minneapolis police officer set off the largest protests in U.S. history and a national reckoning with racism. Beyond the protests, every police killing – indeed, every violent act by police toward...
Video: Fear of change divides people | #AskOBI
john a. powell, head of OBI and UC Berkeley law professor, explains how fear of change is fuel to the engine of division and polarization.
Video: Equity is not enough, we need targeted universalism | #AskOBI
john a. powell, head of OBI and UC Berkeley law professor, swiftly traces the history of (in)equality and equity in this installment of AskOBI. In doing so, he points us to next steps, but what comes next? Arguing the equity is not enough, john a...
Video: How othering has led to a 'world on fire' | #AskOBI
Naomi Klein, renowned journalist and author of How to Change Everything, joined our April 2021 virtual summit to discuss climate change and youth activism.
Video & Recap: The 2021 O&B Virtual Summit
In welcoming more than 3,000 viewers to OBI’s first virtual Othering & Belonging Summit on April 21, Director john a. powell posed a rhetorical question to the audience: is it the journey towards belonging we should be most concerned with, or the destination?
Decoding Zoning
As part of our racial segregation report series, we mapped exclusionary zoning, analyzed its association with racial segregation in the Bay Area, and offered recommendations for exclusionary zoning reform.
OBI scholar Jovan Scott Lewis appointed to CA taskforce on reparations
California Governor Gavin Newsom announced Friday that Jovan Scott Lewis, an associate professor of Geography and Othering & Belonging Institute-affiliated faculty member, has been appointed to the state's first taskforce created to study reparations for slavery.
Video: How distributing vaccines by age is hurting people of color | #AskOBI
Denise Herd, the associate director of OBI, discusses shortcomings in vaccine distribution methods.

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White Space, Black Hood: Opportunity Hoarding and Segregation in the Age of Inequality

Join author Sheryll Cashin for a book talk about her recently-released White Space, Black Hood: Opportunity Hoarding and Segregation in the Age of Inequality, followed by a conversation with john a.

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