The Most Segregated Cities and Neighborhoods in the San Francisco Bay Area
Introduction From 2018 to 2020, we undertook a five-part investigation of racial residential segregation in the San Francisco Bay Area. We studied the nature and extent of racial residential segregation, demographic change, and harmful effects, using...
Housing Affordability in the Wake of COVID-19
This paper begins by describing current housing affordability dynamics across Los Angeles and the Inland Empire. Although rent burden metrics help identify households vulnerable to instability, it is the underlying housing and work conditions that...
Survey: Women bear the brunt of Islamophobia
More than two-thirds of US Muslims report having experienced Islamophobia in their lifetimes, with women being significantly more likely than men to say so, a new survey released Wednesday by UC Berkeley's Othering & Belonging Institute reveals.
Islamophobia Through the Eyes of Muslims
The Othering & Belonging Institute developed and administered this national survey between October 14 and November 2, 2020, among the US Muslim population (citizens and noncitizen residents who live and/or work in the US) to understand the prevalence...
The US Owes a Debt to Haiti and to Haitian Migrants
The scenes of Haitian migrants being herded like cattle and whipped like slaves by Border Patrol agents on horseback at the US-Mexico border at Del Rio, Texas are typical of how Haitians have been treated since the 1804 Haitian revolution. Haiti is...
Blog: Locating a Dignified Future in the Future of Work
There is solid basis for concern when setting sights on a dignified labor sector in the future from the vantage point of current indignities suffered by many workers. The impact of technology in labor has a long history in economic analysis. The rise...
Berkeley researchers call for expanding food stamp eligibility in new report
Researchers from UC Berkeley are calling for an overhaul of the federal food stamps program that would remove barriers preventing millions of people from accessing live-saving benefits.
Fighting Poverty with SNAP
This report accounts for the value of SNAP in helping low-income individuals and families acquire food, particularly during times of economic hardship.
Policing Students Online: The Increasing Threat of School-Sanctioned Digital Surveillance
School closures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic created yet another opportunity for the surveillance industry to profit off of a national crisis and exacerbate harm to already marginalized students.
Leaving Surveillance Tech Behind in Higher Education: Towards Trust and Abolition
Just a few years ago, using software for remote test proctoring was rare, but since COVID-19 forced most schools to move online, remote test-proctoring software is now used by millions of students every month.
Technology and the COVID-19 Era
This report provides an overview of the current public conversation as it relates to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and algorithm-based artificial intelligence used in three interrelated domains that impact public health and social equity: the use of automated decision systems, surveillance, and social media.
Video: Bridging the Black-Asian Divide
In this Rise Up For Justice livestream conversation, Black and Asian scholars and activists discuss the opportunities and challenges of building a multi-racial justice movement that includes both communities.
Video: Will humanity survive? The philosophy of john a. powell
This previously unreleased video from May 2018 features Othering & Belonging Institute Director john a. powell on the urgent need to create a world of greater belonging and avoid the impulse toward smaller and more fragmented "we's."
Video: Building Belonging in a Time of Othering
The Monterey Public Library (California's first public library founded in 1849) is one of 36 libraries to receive a grant to participate in Book to Action - an opportunity to read, discuss, and act on a select book that's relevant to their community...
Blog: Should Non-citizens be Allowed to Vote in Local Elections?
This past Tuesday evening, upon invitation, I spoke before the Richmond, California, City Council on a topic upon which I conducted considerable prior research: non-citizen voting in municipal elections. The experience was one of the most...

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