State of Change
This policy brief provides an overview of current legislation that discriminates against parents with disabilities. It also considers non-discriminatory legislation that has been enacted or is currently being enacted at the state level, with the hope of encouraging more states—eventually all states—to adopt similar legislation.
Creating Bathroom Access & a Gender Inclusive Society
This policy brief reviews literature on the challenges transgender and gender-nonconforming individuals face in overcoming discrimination and harassment, with particular focus on the role of conditioning restroom access as a key site of social exclusion.
Opening the Door for Rent Control
California is at a tipping point; both the government and private market are failing to meet the needs of a vast majority of the state’s 17.5 million renters.
Islamophobia Reading Resource Pack
This Reading Resource Pack was developed by researchers from the Global Justice Program at the Othering & Belonging Institute, as part of its larger project of documenting and countering Islamophobia. AUTHORS Rhonda Itaoui was a Research Fellow with...
Othering and Belonging Journal, Issue 3
As this third issue of the Othering & Belonging Journal was being completed, a furor was erupting in the United States about the morality, ethics, and political and social consequences of the Trump administration’s “family separation” policy, a...
Realizing a More Inclusive Electorate
This new policy brief, which synthesizes research from the Haas Institute Diversity and Democracy affiliated faculty, lifts up lessons from recent research on how to confront voter disaffection, support inclusive identities, and increase democratic participation among underrepresented groups.
Widening the Lens on Voter Suppression
The report insists that state governments must make more robust efforts to educate citizens about the content of new restrictive voting laws, and that civic organizations should simultaneously prepare local leaders to serve as community advocates.
Building a Strategic Narrative for All of California
Over the past few decades, successful movements for social and racial justice in California have illuminated just what is possible when social change strategy is developed with deep roots in community organizing. In many cases, major progressive wins...
Corporate Democrats and the Corporate Power Structure in California Politics
After the 2016 presidential election, California has been a leader in progressive politics, pushing back against the agenda of Trump. However, a growing corporate-backed moderate faction of the Democrat Party in California has been able to stop policies that are seen as dangerous to corporate interests.
The California Story
For many Californians, having a good life here is getting harder and many feel it will be even harder for the next generation.University of Southern California Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences/Los Angeles Times Poll (February 27, 2015)...
The Role of Government
Ultimately, we cannot win any major fight on the environment, the economy, health care, or civil rights—and secure that victory—unless we have an effective, well-resourced, inclusive, and responsive government. An effective government is not simply a...
Shifting the Narrative
Since the 2016 election, interest in the concept of “narrative” has spiked in the nonprofit and philanthropic worlds.
Faith Communities as Partners of Hope
Introduction Bringing forth an inclusive, fair, and humane society will require a coordinated movement of diverse sectors of society working towards this compelling vision. I am heartened and hopeful that faith communities can be a key building block...
California Dog Whistling
Over the last half-century, politicians have exploited a public discourse emphasizing fear of nonwhites. This is “dog whistle politics,” a dynamic grounded in powerful racial narratives expressed in coded terms. The code allows these racial stories...
Changing Our Narrative About Narrative
Introduction The culture of the progressive sector—as with all sectors—is rooted in stories. They are stories that convey values, mental models, assumptions and identities, all of which ultimately guide our behaviors. Unsurprisingly, the most...

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Join author Sheryll Cashin for a book talk about her recently-released White Space, Black Hood: Opportunity Hoarding and Segregation in the Age of Inequality, followed by a conversation with john a.

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