john a. powell addresses California task force on reparations
On September 24, 2021, Director john a. powell presented testimony on reparations and political participation to the state of California’s Task Force to Study and Develop Reparations Proposals for African-Americans. Within the contextual framing of...
New Research on Patterns in Racial Residential Segregation and the Roots of Structural Racism
On Sept 23rd, Stephen presented to the Southern California Association of Non-Profit Housing (SCANPH) in a special workshop on why segregation persists and the relation of race and affordable housing in California.
Video: Building Belonging in a Time of Othering
The Monterey Public Library (California's first public library founded in 1849) is one of 36 libraries to receive a grant to participate in Book to Action - an opportunity to read, discuss, and act on a select book that's relevant to their community...
Reimagine Education for All: Equity and Targeted Universalism
Children, family, and situation differ not just at the individual level but also at the group level similarly to race, class, ability and other important indicators.
Polarization and Preconditions: Bridging Across Identities for a Society of Belonging
In Professor john a. powell's keynote, he emphasizes how polarization has led to significant upheaval in our democracy and how pledging, rather than simple monetary generosity, will begin bridging towards solutions.
Racial Residential Segregation and Racial Gerrymandering: An Overlooked Nexus
On April 3, 2021, Assistant Director Stephen Menendian presented on the relationship between fair housing and voting rights on a panel at a fair housing conference organized by the Fair Housing Council of San Diego.
Video: Stephen Menendian presentation at the California League of Cities
Assistant Director Stephen Menendian presented the Institute's research on racial demographic change and land use in the San Francisco Bay Area for the North Bay Division of the California League of Cities.
Interfaith Leadership Council: Divine Belonging in a Divided World
On February 22, Dr. powell gave a keynote talk at the Interfaith Leadership Council of Metropolitan Detroit.
Stephen Menendian presents at the 2021 MLI Symposium Housing and Land Use Equity
On March 5th, 2021, Assistant Director Stephen Menendian presented on the topic of structural racism and its expressions in the San Francisco Bay Area for the Berkeley Law school's Municipal Law Institute's 2021 symposium "Converging Emergencies."
Video: Land Use Policy and Structural Racism
On February 18, 2021, Assistant Director Stephen Menendian presented the Institute's latest research findings on the exclusionary effects of restrictive zoning, a summary of prior research, and it's relationship to structural racism to the Sacramento Council of Governments.
Endowment for Equal Justice: Housing Justice
On February 16, 2021, Director john a. powell gave a talk on Housing Justice as part of the Endowment of Equal Justice's six part series on racial justice, "Let's Talk about (In)Justice."
Video: Exclusionary Zoning in the Bay Area: Research and Findings
Assistant Director Stephen Menendian presented the Institute's recent groundbreaking research on the harmful effects of restrictive zoning in the San Francisco Bay Area in this panel organized by SPUR on February 2, 2021.
Co-Creating and Leading: Moving Forward a Society of Belonging in a Time of Othering
On February 3, 2021, Institute director john a. powell delivered a keynote address for the Institute for Nonprofit Practice’s Leadership Learning Series.
Bridging and Belonging: A Responsibility and Inheritance of the Dream
On January 18 2021, Director powell addressed students, faculty and communities at the annual Martin Luther King, Jr., Banquet which has been a Thurston County tradition for more than 30 years.
From Inclusion to Belonging: Adjusting Race at UC Berkeley
On November 23, Director powell gave a talk at UC Berkeley's Anthropology Department for the Department's Anthropology Colloquium about the challenges of confronting racial bias and exclusion in academic institutions such as Berkeley. Director powell...

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White Space, Black Hood: Opportunity Hoarding and Segregation in the Age of Inequality

Join author Sheryll Cashin for a book talk about her recently-released White Space, Black Hood: Opportunity Hoarding and Segregation in the Age of Inequality, followed by a conversation with john a.

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