Phuong Tseng

GIS/Demographic Analyst

Phuong Tseng is a Research & Data Analyst at the Othering & Belonging Institute, where their work focuses on examining and alleviating structural inequities and institutional barriers that prevent marginalized groups from accessing resources and services necessary to upward mobility. Phuong leads the data and spatial analysis work of the Opportunity Mapping Project, supports the quantitative and qualitative analysis of the Fair Housing Research Initiative and co-manages the Equity Indices Research project within the Equity Metrics Program. Phuong has experience and expertise in GIS mapping, data cleaning, wrangling/mining, visualization, web application, databases, and more. Since joining the Institute, Phuong has developed an analysis pipeline using R/Studio and other open source tools, refined the organizational structure of the program's repository, and joined the Summer Fellowship Program Committee to support the development of young, social justice leaders and researchers.

Phuong enjoys crunching numbers as much as having casual and intellectually stimulating conversations. Phuong is also always in search of the best fried chicken place in town.