October, 2012 Activities and Events

Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society

  • Brought on board two tremendously talented Coblentz fellows, Aida Ashouri and Peggy Li, Berkeley law students who will be assisting the Institute with major projects and important initiatives for the Winter and early Spring.
  • Was visited by the W. K. Kellogg Foundation to discuss a strategic partnership and the Institute's multi-disciplinary research.
  • Director john powell published a blog on the case of Adkins v. Morgan Stanley, a case he helped develop for the ACLU, the Berkeley Blog, Huffington Post, the Equal Justice Society, Race-Talk.org, and the Haas Institute blog.
  • Director john powell published a blog discussing the Fisher v. Texas oral argument and the many forms of affirmative action and the nature of the "critical mass" concept for Huffington Post and Race-Talk.org.
  • Associate Director Michael Omi spoke to 300 freshman students as part of the Kresge College core course on "Power and Representation" at UC Santa Cruz on October 9.
  • Assistant Director Stephen Menendian published an article on Huffington Post, Race-Talk.org, and the Equal Justice Society blog on what to expect in oral argument for Fisher v. Texas.
  • Assistant Director Stephen Menendian participated on a Panel at Tuesday, October 9, at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, to discuss the Institute's amicus brief in Fisher v. Texas, and the range of possible outcomes in this case on October 9.
  • Assistant Director Stephen Menendian spoke on a panel as part of Berkeley Law National Pro Bono Week on legal advocacy in the public Interest and the efforts of the Institute in developing and submitting an amicus brief in Fisher v. Texas on October 16.
  • Assistant Director Stephen Menendian guest lectured in Dr. Victoria Plaut's "implicit bias" In the law class, discussing fair housing litigation and civil rights practice.
  • Over the past month, Director john powell has presented for the following organizations and convenings:
    • He spoke on a panel as a participant in Wayne County Community College District's "Public Education and the Future of Affirmative Action" event on October 18.
    • He addressed Ohio mayors, councilpersons, and community leaders at the Building One Ohio Leadership Forum on October 27, and facilitated discussions on topics that included past and present suburban trends, multi-racial coalition-building, and inter-district strategies.
    • He gave a webinar and presentation on structural racialization for funders with the organization Philanthropy for Racial Equity.
    • Director john powell presented on the creation of new narratives on Detroit for the Kellogg Fellows Leadership Alliance of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.
    • At the Fourth World Conference on Remedies to Racial & Ethnic Economic Inequality at the University of Minnesota, Director john powell presented on racial integration and the opportunity gap in education on one panel and on transformative leadership in the African American Leadership Forum on another panel.
    • At the Bioneers Conference, Director john powell discussed the concept of “beloved community” on one panel and corporate misalignment in our society on another panel.
  • Relocated our staff to our newly renovated suite at 460 Stephens Hall. Please stop by and introduce yourself!

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