Notes on a Cultural Strategy for Belonging


About the Author:  Evan Bissell facilitates participatory art and research projects that support equitable systems and liberatory processes. He is the Arts and Cultural Strategy Coordinator at the Haas Institute. 

Acknowledgments:  Deep gratitude to the many collaborators, mentors, and friends who have knowingly and unknowingly shaped this work. This report grew tremendously from the feedback and edits of external reviewers Kemi Bello, Nayantara Sen, Gina Athena Ulysse, and Vanessa Whang and from the Haas Institute’s Communications Director Rachelle Galloway-Popotas and Research Director Stephen Menendian. 

Design & Layout:  Christopher Abueg 

On the Cover: Reflections of Healing Collaborative Community Project, by Brett Cook. Little Bobby Hutton Power Figure Oakland Museum Installation. 9’ X 20’ Paint pen, oil pastel, spray enamel, acrylic, multi media on wood with Bobby Hutton Quote/Black Panther Party point No. 10 Collaboratively colored in Amharic, Vietnamese, Spanish, Korean, Arabic, and Chinese 2012.  /  Reflections of Healing is a multi-faceted process of community building that includes the collaborative development of large-scale public installations featuring Bay Area residents whose practice or legacy demonstrate dimensions of healing. The project catalyzes partnerships between diverse and under-resourced communities, and residents through temporary and permanent actions across Oakland, CA. Reflections anchors LIFE is LIVING (LIL), a national initiative that establishes a new model for partnerships between diverse and under-resourced communities, green action agencies, and the contemporary arts world.

Report Citation Evan Bissell, “Notes on a Cultural Strategy for Belonging,” (Berkeley: Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society at UC Berkeley, 2019). 

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