Nicole-Marie Cotton

Graduate Student Researcher, Tech Equity

Nicole-Marie Cotton is the Tech Equity GSR conducting research for a landscape scan on technology and social determinants of health for the Blue Shield Foundation. Nicole is a fourth-year PhD student at Berkeley exploring the intersections of science, social media, and ethnic identity. The academic project she started her first year while taking a class with Dr. Michael Omi where she interrogated DNA Ancestry test reveals and reactions users upload to Youtube and Facebook. Nicole also has a long-standing academic commitment to diversity and inclusion in the environmental science field. She has worked on a project to encourage more international environmental organizations to be attentive to sustainability issues in Afro-Mexican coastal communities and has co-authored a publication highlighting the media strategies of environmental justice community organizations in shutting down a toxic facility in Los Angeles. Nicole formerly supported the Institute’s 2019 Othering and Belonging Conference fundraising initiatives by outreaching to corporate and foundation leaders committed to creating diverse and inclusive environments.