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A man driving a car with the words "cancel rent" taped on the side of it. He's got his fist out the window and raised in the air
Authored by the California Community Partnerships Team at the Othering and Belonging Institute For inquiries, contact Nicole Montojo at
An asian woman holds a sign that reads "I am not a virus"
In this episode of Who Belongs? we hear from a three-guest panel of Berkeley faculty who provide various perspectives on...
a side by side image of 6 participants on the panel
Emerging data show that African Americans and other U.S. ethnic minorities are being stricken by COVID-19 at a higher rate,...
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Volunteers at a food bank load a trunk with food
In this episode of Who Belongs? we speak with Alex Boskovich, who is the Government Relations Officer at the Alameda...
cover slide of john powell's powerpoint presentation
On April 20, john a. powell appeared via video to present on "The Perils and Promises of Fair Housing" as...
Image shows a women harvesting corn in Gilroy, CA
In this episode of Who Belongs? we look at the reality facing undocumented immigrants and migrant farmworkers in the context...
Cover of the Civic Engagement paper collection
Throughout 2019, the Othering & Belonging Institute commissioned papers on the lessons and persistent challenges coming out of the 2018...
Published: March 24, 2020 Last updated: May 11, 2020 As part of the effort to respond to the needs of...
An illustration representing social connection
Dear friends, We hope you are staying healthy and safe during this period of uncertainty as governments around the world...
Video still showing Ian Haney Lopez speaking on stage
Click to download an MP3 of this interview. In this episode of Who Belongs? we speak with Ian Haney Lopez,...
Image grab from Elise Boddie's talk
Elise C. Boddie, a Professor of Law, Henry Rutgers Professor, and Judge Robert L. Carter Scholar at Rutgers Law School,...
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Image grab showing 2019 Social Inclusion Policy fellows posing for a photo
The Social Inclusion Policy Fellowship is an idea that is born out of how to make the most impact in...