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image grab from the Circle of Human Concern Video shows an animation of someone pushing someone else in a wheelchair
Our animated explainer videos break down some of the key principles that guide our work at the Othering & Belonging...
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Check the links below for an archive of our bi-weekly electronic newsletter and other announcements we regularly send out. 5/13/2020...
first page of the muslim ban law review article
On January 27, 2017, newly inaugurated President Donald Trump signed an Executive Order that banned individuals from certain Muslim-majority countries...
Law Review Article
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For more information on this project and to download a PDF of this report visit Tipping Point's website . What...
Coauthored by Noor Chadha, Bernadette Lim, Madeleine Kane, and Brenly Rowland The use of biological race in medicine is an...
covid19 US map still image
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 11, 2020 BERKELEY, CA: A new interactive “heat map” released Monday shows how different states across...
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photo of a person holding a hand-drawn sign that says "Free Michigan" in blue and red marker
In this episode of Who Belongs? we hear from john a. powell, a professor of Law and African American studies...
nancy krieger
Professor Nancy Krieger (Harvard, UCB Alum) along with Professors Mahasin Mujahid and Corinne Ridell (UCB) engage in conversations about the...
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A man driving a car with the words "cancel rent" taped on the side of it. He's got his fist out the window and raised in the air
Authored by the California Community Partnerships Team at the Othering and Belonging Institute For inquiries, contact Nicole Montojo at
An asian woman holds a sign that reads "I am not a virus"
In this episode of Who Belongs? we hear from a three-guest panel of Berkeley faculty who provide various perspectives on...
a side by side image of 6 participants on the panel
Emerging data show that African Americans and other U.S. ethnic minorities are being stricken by COVID-19 at a higher rate,...
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Volunteers at a food bank load a trunk with food
In this episode of Who Belongs? we speak with Alex Boskovich, who is the Government Relations Officer at the Alameda...