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Liberal democracy is usually rendered as the bulwark of fundamental rights and freedom; the structure most conducive to the realization of belonging. Yet authoritarian populists that other and scapegoat marginalized communities are making advances in countries that were regarded as established democracies.

Is democracy important, at least as an ideal, to realize belonging? Can we have stable, diverse democracies? And should ascribed identities (such as race, religion, or gender) be central in political solidarity efforts, or should they become less salient? What kind of coalitions can and should we build?

In this conversation, we will look into these questions through the lens of trends, patterns, and differences in European countries and North America with Yascha Mounk, a writer and academic known for his work on the crisis of multiracial democracy and the defense of philosophically liberal values as well as the author of “The Great Experiment: Why Diverse Democracies Fall Apart and How they Can Endure” and with Uma Mishra-Newbery a global social justice and women's rights leader, transformative speaker, former Executive Director of Women's March Global, the initiator and facilitator for the Racial Equity Index, and an organizational strategy (including campaign and programs) and racial equity consultant.

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