By DeAndre Evans

This is where rodents and roaches are like family
Cause we share da same meals
Top Ramen Cereal Kool Aid
It’s no family complaints everything enjoyed that we refrigerate and put in cabinets
Bathroom sink replace our bathtub so I can wash as well as da shame
We feel 30 below air from cracked windows no heat for when Richmond wind blows
No ac to cool down the weather dat make us sweat
Neglect da only thing we get
Fungus disintegrate da walls intoxicate our breath
No one is responsive, feels like I’m talking to myself
When help is asked to restore something simple as a lock on a gate
So I can feel safe
Microwaves being used as our stove and oven
No fried chicken or fries or anything dat needs to be cooked
We relied on heated up food
Had to learn to go nights without lights and warm showers
Going to school with Goosebumps from da temperature of da water
Tired of these offices blaming me for conditions
Like these conditions weren’t demons living in dis basement of satan
It’s a list people who wait and wait to be rejected to stay here
But when you’re Americas darker skin babies
You’re treated less than a stepchild or even less than a pet

This is home
Where I’m too young to worry but not too young to care
Three kids wasn't enough for us to be late for rent
Put us on the street nine deep sleep in the U-Haul truck
Giving is a foreign word to people better yet a foreign act
It’s easy to be pissed because of living in da gutters
This where we have to be protected by those who protect and serve cause they
serving yea they serving us wit us tasers clubs and bullets
Wit da result of painful scars 
Men are quick to raise guns and fists but not nearly as quick to raise our kids
Single mothers are seen on corners more than street signs
Feels like you're saying goodbye to people before hello and you let go
More funerals than birthday parties while prisons become like our graduation
Being pushed and moving to places dat have so called better situations
We ain't knowing only going cause where we at we ain't owning

This is home
Where we don't always have what we want
but always what we need depending on our faith
Some of us believe, worship a higher power over money 
We genuinely love one another will give 
Some men step to be fathers even to kids who are not theirs
One day we will hear more of sis and bro not just nigga or hoes
Shelter will be provided and no one will be denied it
That five-year-old boy will not be forced to the street
Where the community will see the sunshine
It won’t be clouded by the smoke of guns weed and nicotine

This is tomorrow
I will act on making it toda