By Ciera-Jevae Gordon

Have you noticed any change lately?
Granny left,
Tried her luck elsewhere 
then came back.
I suppose she learned 
leaving doesn’t solve all of your problems.
Or maybe your problems stretch out farther 
than your price range will allow you to travel 
We teeter between living and waiting to die. 
Because we can’t breathe,
it’s hard to see,
hard to feed myself,
let alone any kids that come from this womb
Another home plagued, and I have little control  
Living in poverty is bad for your health 
Most of us don’t make it past 50 
And even that is a luxury where I come from 
A whole community losing 
wealth and equity
We fill our bellies with emptiness, no hope
Cause we poor and we broke
You can tell by my lack of smile 
That I’ve been dead for awhile 
But my bones owe somebody something
So we just keep on moving 
Someone once told me that my worth 
didn’t equate to materials or possessions 
But all I could reply is 
Prove it. 
Because having a home is essential 
And I ain’t got one
It’s a human right
But do they even think I’m human 
It’s a necessity
But they have been trying to make me disappear 
Give me a bus voucher 
Just to end up homeless
On somebody else’s streets 
But that’s life right. 
I have air, but nowhere to sleep
Nowhere to eat
Nowhere to sigh
Nowhere to talk
Cause no one is listening 
The price of talking has gone up
And the value of this body is always on the decline 
My friends have come and gone
I’ve lost the place where I belong 
And Granny won’t be here too long 
Got a list full of medical bills 
A cabinet full of medical pills 
And they wonder why we say poverty kills.