The Nile Project

The Nile Project inspires Nile citizens to learn about their river and their river neighbors, engages individuals and communities in Nile stewardship, and connects them to collaborate on creative solutions to Nile sustainability challenges. The GJP works with the Nile Project’s top researchers and leading community and civil society organizations to broaden awareness of the true structural forces and dynamics of the persistent food crisis in the Nile Basin. The ultimate goal of this collaboration is to substantially increase local and transboundary capacities for meaningful integration and communities’ involvement to create positive change within the Nile Basin’s food systems. The GJP supports the relationship between the Nile Project and UC Berkeley by hosting the group’s musical performance at UC Berkeley, supporting the Nile Project’s university program amongst Nile Basin countries, and facilitating workshops and trainings with the Nile Project’s fellows in the Nile Basin countries.

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