The Othering & Belonging Institute at UC Berkeley advances groundbreaking approaches to exposing the dire impacts of the climate crisis and building climate resilience. We develop compelling research tools, analyses, and recommendations, and bring together impacted communities, civil society, and policy and lawmakers committed to an inclusive, just, and sustainable world. ​​

The Climate Crisis, Displacement, and the Right to Stay project aims to connect demands for recognizing the rights of people displaced by the climate crisis and across international borders–through legal protections as climate refugees–to the transformational changes needed to materialize peoples’ rights to stay home and thrive within inclusive, just, and climate-resilient communities.

Country Profiles
Accessible from the Climate Displacement and Resilience Database, each country has a profile page that includes frequently updated national data on climate-induced displacement, climate events, exposure and vulnerability, emissions goals and compliance, governance and capacity building for climate resilience and mitigation, and climate finance needs and challenges.
Case Studies
Accessible from the Climate Displacement and Resilience Database are comprehensive case studies on climate-vulnerable countries that cover the country’s modern history, geography and climate, economy and infrastructure, demographics and governance, loss and damage from climatic events, and strategies for building climate resilience.
A repository of additional Othering & Belonging Institute resources that are designed to serve climate-impacted communities and civil society and advance the Right to Stay, and that include tools and strategies to engage in self-advocacy, foster awareness and education, and imagine and enact solutions to the climate crisis and climate-induced displacement.