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"Dismantle white supremacy" projected onto a building wall at night under the word "justice"
By john a. powell We are in national mourning after a horrific week in America of mass murder. We extend our deepest...
August 07, 2019
a 1941 image by Walker Evans taken in Bridgeport, Connecticut shows some white women driving in a car with a sign displayed on the side of the car that says "Love or Leave America" as they drive past a group of black people
July 30, 2019
By Stephen Menendian President Donald Trump attacked four Congresswomen on July 14 in a Twitter...
July 30, 2019
African American and white school children on a school bus, riding from the suburbs to an inner city school, Charlotte, North Carolina
By Richard Rothstein
July 9, 2019 When Senator Kamala Harris told former Vice President Joe Biden “that little...
July 09, 2019
Family of slaves in Georgia, circa 1850
By EJ Toppin
June 26, 2019 The question of reparations for African Americans has entered the political...
June 26, 2019
Picture shows Escuela Luis Santaella, a shut down school outside of San Juan, Puerto Rico
Escuela Luis Santaella, a shut down school outside of San Juan, Puerto Rico. By Eli Moore and Dalia Yedidia
June 12, 2019
Black man in a hoodie carrying a sleeping bag walks past a mural outside a liquor store in San Francisco's Bayview neighborhood. Credit: Dale Cruse

Photo Credit: Dale Cruse By EJ Toppin
June 3, 2019 With an amendment to Proposition 13 on California’s...
June 03, 2019