Mamobo Ogoro


Mamobo Ogoro is a Social Psychologist and award winning social entrepreneur. As the first Sanctuary PhD Fellow at the University of Limerick, Mamobo’s research investigates migrant identity construction in Ireland and how systems of inclusion and exclusion affect migrant communities in Ireland. Mamobo is on a personal mission to unify the world. She is the Founder and CEO of GORM, an award winning social enterprise on a mission to unify across differences and advance belonging for marginalised communities. Mamobo has been heralded for her work with GORM on countless occasions, and most recently won the ‘Catalyst Award’ in the Irish Tatler Woman of the Year Awards 2022 for bringing about social change in Ireland.

Mamobo spends most of her time working with organisations around the world, helping them develop intercultural leaders.

She lives in Dublin, Ireland, and considers herself as your friendly bisexual plant loving neighbour, who loves to read and take care of her home forest. She loves music, singing jazz and R&B, and spending with family & friends.

A Black woman with big dark hair and a leather jacket stands smiling in front of a mural.


Turning towards each other, not against each other: Bridging to counter authoritarianism & advance belonging
While concerns around democracy and political fragmentation and those related to social, racial, and economic justice are often framed as separate challenges, they are in fact deeply intertwined. The issues around which the far right is stoking division (such as gender identity, demographic change, and migration) are part of a larger strategy to shrink who is considered part of the collective “we”—and therefore worthy of resources and support—and to advance anti-democratic ideologies more broadly. And indeed, in this moment of deep collective uncertainty and division, authoritarianism is...